Spine Surgeon’s need a powerful website as well as a powerful and high-ranking web presence in order to attract new patients for their spine practice. A typical spine Surgeon goes through 14 to 17 years of clinical training. They are masters in everything related to spine anatomy. However, they haven’t received training on how to properly open a Spine Practice, attract new patients, build patient referrals, market their practice on social media, and perform search engine optimization to ensure their website comes up when a patient searches for their services

Top Spine Surgeries

Laminectomy: This is a high reimbursing procedure, and a surgeon must get information on laminectomy featured on their website. It’s even more important than the website is properly optimized with high-ranking incoming traffic, so that that specific web page on laminectomy shows up high in the search engine rankings.

Spinal Fusion: The fusion is one of the most common procedures performed by a qualified spine Surgeon. There are many techniques to perform a spinal fusion which are open, minimally invasive, and now even robotic spinal fusion. This also is a very high reimbursing procedure by many insurance companies and also private pay.

It is important to show up for key procedures of the Spine, and other common conditions such as scoliosis, vertebral compression fracture, and herniated disc. Many spine surgeons wonder why some spine surgeons and spine practice always show at the top of the search engines, and others don’t. They are either spending heavily on Google ad placements, which can be extremely expensive in the Spine industry, or they strategically hire an SEO expert.

How we help?

We have also helped our surgeons gain new traffic with specific long tail keywords and targeted Spine traffic including cervical discectomy, lumbar laminectomy, TLIF, ALIF, XLIF, Kyphoplasty, and much more. The SEO conversion value with a spine patient can be very rewarding. Typically a spine patient finds your services through the web, books an appointment or calls directly and ultimately schedules a surgery. If we use a laminectomy for example, a one level laminectomy can pay as little as several thousand dollars and even more for one surgical case. A spinal fusion however can pay in some cases $20,000 up to $80,000 and even higher in many instances. All of this is possible by hiring an SEO expert like Logics MD to drive the traffic towards your site. We typically give our clients in Spine anywhere from a 10 X to even 50 X return on their investment with us.

Why Hire Us?

If you hire Doctor Website Design and spend $2,000 per month or $24,000 per year on Spine SEO marketing. You can expect to see 10-15 qualified spine leads minimum per month.

For example, let’s use an anterior cervical discectomy fusion with an average reimbursement of $10,000 per case. If the spine surgeon converts 2 of the 10 leads and the surgery is performed, that is $20,000 per month or $240,000 per year!

That’s 10X return or 1000% return on your investment!

The beauty is that it is just one procedure. The more keywords we target, the more money you can make.

If you are a spine surgeon, a neurosurgeon performing spine procedures,
or an orthopedic spine surgeon,
contact Doctor Website Design today and get ready for explosive growth in your market.

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