SEO and Web Design for Robotic surgeons is a niche area of expertise that only Doctor Website Design can offer.

About Robotic Surgery

Robotic Surgery is an incredible innovation in Surgery that has exploded in the last decade. It allows a surgeon to perform a surgical procedure sitting remotely at console using 3-D imaging with the most intricate and precision to control robotic arms and perform the procedure that would normally be done open or laparoscopic. The major difference between robotic Surgery and laparoscopic Surgery is the 3-D vision they gain, allowing the surgeon to operate on that patient more safely.

How we can help?

There are many robotic specialties that we can help a surgeon target, including robotic prostatectomy, robotic liver surgery, robotic hernia, robotic cancer surgery, robotic spine surgery, robotic orthopedic Surgery, robotic myomectomy, robotic hysterectomy and more.

We also use the latest video graphics and animation to animate what the robotic procedure looks like giving the website user a great virtual experience.


Quick Case Study

Here is a recent example of how our robotic surgery search engine marketing translates to an amazing return on investment. We helped a robotic surgeon land a patient from overseas with targeted robotic Search engine marketing.

The patient was a cash payment and spent $20,000. The surgeon should receive 7-10 leads per month. If they only covert one lead per month, that is $240,000 in new revenue. This surgeon was spending less than $1500 per month.

If you are a robotic surgeon and want to capture new patients,
contact Doctor Website Design today and watch how we take your robotic surgery volumes to new heights.

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